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I always said yes and did everything I could on a daily basis. I would try to do one thing a day to further myself in my career.
— Lauren Andersen


Lauren Andersen grew up daydreaming and fantasizing about transformations since experimenting with cosmetics at a young age. A self proclaimed "lipstick junkie" back then, Lauren could often be found smuggling her mom's makeup into school, and matching eyeshadows to classmate's clothing during lunch.

It wasn't until one of Lauren's friends brought a Rolling Stone magazine to class, announcing that his sister had done the pop-star's makeup on the cover that a lightbulb turned on, and Lauren Andersen's future career was realized in an instant. 

Feeling empowered by making other women feel confident and beautiful has been an inspirational and driving force in Lauren's life as well as career, something she's been able to share with clients like Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Kerry Washington, Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson, Emma Roberts, and Saoirse Ronan, among others. 

Lauren Andersen's affinity for getting Hollywood ready behind the scenes, is equally as palpable when watching her captivate audiences with her own makeup tips and tricks in front of the camera. Authentically sharing what is genuine to her with each person she passionately desires to connect with so that everyone can have their own individual beauty purpose, is part of what sets her a part as an artist, both creatively and imaginatively. 


How to Make Your Skin Glow Like Nicole Richie's

There’s a makeup product involved, which makeup artist Lauren Anderson gave the world a behind-the-scenes glimpse of via Instagram
— Glamour

The Coveteur

Of course, it didn’t hurt that the makeup artist on deck was Cov-alum Lauren Andersen (coincidental reunions during international fashion weeks are kind of our forté)
— The Coveteur




Getting Ready with  Joan Small

Show of hands among those of you who consider getting ready for a big night the best part of said big night. Thought so.
— The Coveteur



Three Ways to Rock a Bold Lip No Matter Where You're Going

No matter which red you choose (I never leave home without Armani Rouge Ecstasy in Spice), here’s how to keep it clean and precise: Apply one layer straight out of the tube and define the edge of the mouth with stiff lip brush. Then blot with a tissue. Next, dab color from the tube again just in the center of the lips. This will keep it from feathering and getting on your teeth, Andersen adds.
— Glamour